Hearing Access Health Kit

Hearing Access Health Kit

The Hearing Access Health Kit is designed for persons with hearing loss to assist them in self-advocacy for their access and communication needs during a hospital stay or medical appointments. Three publications are the cornerstone of the Kit:

As part of the Hearing Access Health Kit, the following items are also included which may be ordered through the above form:

  • Large laminated sign stating that you are hard of hearing or deaf to be placed on the wall over the bed or on the door of your hospital room. (Poster strips are )
  • Small plastic bag and plastic container for your hearing aid, cochlear implant processor or other implantable device; you will need to complete the label with your name and room
  • Pen and writing pad to write
  • International symbol for hearing access (the blue sticker) to be pinned on the hospital gown or
  • Hearing access stickers to add to your charts, wrist strap and intercom button at the reception station as a reminder about your hearing
  • Communication symbol card to aid in c
  • Communication card, wallet-size.

There is no charge for the materials in the Hearing Access Health Kit.


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