Outreach and Education

ANTE Program

The CHHA National has partnered with Mohawk College to develop online training modules based on the Canadian Skills for Success framework. Learners complete at their own pace, with support from Mohawk, and then are placed in a paid work placement. It’s an innovative, national project and Vancouver Community College  is one of the outreach/recruitment partners and aims to recruit up to 20 learners from across BC.


April 2023 Joint CHHA-BC/CHHA Vancouver Joint Webinar on Transportation Issues for those with Hearing Loss

Here is the link to the April 2023 joint CHHA-BC/CHHA Vancouver joint webinar on transportation issues for those with hearing loss.

CHHA-BC regularly holds webinars and other educational events that are open to any interested person. We are also available for speaking engagements or workshops on request.

On April 20, 2021 CHHA-BC, with CHHA Vancouver, hosted a webinar providing an update on the BC Adult Cochlear Implant Program at St. Paul’s Hospital. The session by Jowan Lee and Grace Cheung included updates in cochlear implant candidacy criteria, wait times for service and advances in CI technology. 

Accessibility Legislation

The CHHA-BC on-line Annual General Meeting was successfully held last May 18th, 2021, on the Zoom platform.

Hon. Nicholas Simons, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction for the Province of British Columbia spoke about the province’s accessibility legislation.

A video of his presentation is available. Click the link below to take a look! Note: that the video is captioned but there is a slight delay in the appearance and synchronization with the verbal content. Also, to see it without the chat go to full screen mode.

CHHA Vancouver and CHHA-BC Employment Services Workshop

 On January 19, 2020, CHHA Vancouver and CHHA-BC hosted a joint virtual workshop about Employment Counselling Services offered by Wavefront Centre. The speakers Joy Borgonia and Rytch Newmiller work as Employment Placement Specialists at Wavefront Centre. Marco Chiaramonte, who is the Acting Head of Counselling Services at Wavefront as well as the CHHA Vancouver Vice-President, also joined in to answer questions from the audience. The speakers talked about the history of the Wavefront Centre and what services they provide.

Covid 19 Impacts and Strategies

On February 11, 2021 CHHA-BC hosted a webinar addressing COVID-19 Communication Challenges: Tools and Technologies. The session by Ruth Warick, Tim Archer, and Bowen Tang discussed communication tips and the assistive listening technologies and apps most appropriate to use during these unprecedented COVID-19 times.

Assistive Hearing Tech: Tips, Apps and More

CHHA-BC and CHHA Vancouver members and friends were privileged to hear an excellent joint educational event speaker, Richard Einhorn, on November 16th, 2021 presenting “Assistive Hearing Tech: Tips, Apps and More”. Richard is a composer, music producer/engineer and a hearing technology consultant. The event had a high attendance and survey results show it was greatly appreciated. Slides from the presentation are included here for your review. 

Questions & Answers

Visitors to the CHHA-BC website are welcome to ask questions pertaining to hearing loss, available resources, and other topics related to challenges faced by those with hearing loss. Please ask your question here. A CHHA-BC representative will reply to your question which will then be posted on the website and archived for future reference. Thank you for using this Q and A service of CHHA-BC.

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