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HOW I FINALLY JOINED THE ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD AFTER A LOT OF SCAMS HELLO everyone my name is Danty i am from the USA i’m giving a testimony on how I joined the illuminati brotherhood, I was trying to join this organization for so many years now, I was scammed by some fake agent I was so down i could not feed my self or even take care of my bills and my family no more and I tried to make money by diffrent ways which all went in vain, I was afraid to contact any illuminati agent because i have scammed alot and they’ve eaten my hard earned money, one day I came across a post of someone giving a testimony thanking a man called NATHANIEL NELLY for helping him to join the illuminati brotherhood, then I looked at the man’s email and the phone number that was written below , I was really afraid cause i wouldnt want to loose again to contact him because i was scammed a lot of times by scammers who ate my 500,000 and went away with the money then I was so confused so I made up my mind to contact the person that was given the testimony and i called him and I communicated with him on phone calls before he started telling me his own story about when he wanted to join he told me everything to do, then I made up my mind and called the agent called Mr NATHANIEL and he told me everything which i need to do which i did all and I was initiated, surprisingly I was given my benefits of being a new member of the great illuminati brotherhood I was so happy that a turn came into my life all thanks to him .. For more info contact the official agent on WhatsApp on +1 (201) 293-7097 OR email: