Getting Started


There are some steps to follow in getting started as a mentee in the Online Mentoring Program.

  • Read the information found under the headings in this Mentoring section.
  • Agree to the CODE OF CONDUCT.
  • Click on the header MENTOR PROFILES.
  • Read the various mentor profiles.
  • Decide which one appeals to you – best suits your current needs.
  • Click on the button you will see in the lower left side of the Mentor profile page. This will send an automatic email to the mentor to know you are interested in having them as your mentor.
  • The mentor will then contact you from the chat room site and instruct you what to do next. This will consist of advising you how to create your own confidential password, in order to be able to directly access this private chat room, in future. ** Please note that you must use the chat room from then on, for all conversations, because you will not know one another’s personal email addresses.
  • Provide the mentor with a brief profile about yourself and your hearing loss and why you are seeking a mentor, and also the fact that you have read and agree to abide by, the Code of Conduct, which is found on this webpage.
  • If the mentor agrees, you are then all set to begin your mentor/mentee relationship