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(Touch, Taste, Smell) Sight and Hearing Murphy, Wendy 1982
Acoustical Factors Affecting Hearing Aid Performance 1993
Aging Slowly Brenton, Myron 1983
All You Need To Know About Hearing Loss nd
Any Other Business? How to be a good committee person. Parr, Jim 1977
Art of Public Speaking, The Lucas, Stephen E. 1983
Aural Rehabilitation 1992
Brain and Nervous System, The The American Medical Association 1991
Canadian Corporate Secretary 1968
Canadian Dictionary of ASL, The The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, Inc 2002
Captioned TV: Canadian general public and CHHA member perspectives Angus Reid Group 1999
Company Meetings, including Rules of Order Wainberg, J.M. 1961
Comparing the Phonetic Features of English, French, German and Spanish: an interim report Delattre, Pierre 1965
Consumer Handbook On Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids, The: a bridge to healing Various 1998
Coping With Hearing Loss – a guide for adults and their families Rezen, Susan & Hausman, Carl 1985
Dare to Climb the Pinnacle: the struggles of a hare-of-hearing man Lee, Kung Wah; Lee, Lawrence 2004
Deafness Ballantyne, John 1970
Deafness Wright, David 1975
Dummy Tidyman, Ernest 1974
Early Language de Villiers, Peter A. & de Villiers, Jill G. 1979
Ears, Hearing, & Balance Rahn, Joan Elma 1984
Earwax and Foreign Bodies in the Ear Canal Courtois, Jean 1999
Educators’ English: speaking and listening for Chinese teachers Dirksen, Carolyn
Equal Access to the Canadian Justice System for persons who are hard of hearing or deafened CHHA 1996
Face Language Whiteside, robert L. 1975
Gallaudet Survival Guide to Signing Lane, Leonard G. 1990
Grieving for your Hearing Loss: the rocky road from denial to acceptance Bauman, Neil G. 2000
Guide for those considering a cochlear implant, A Cochlear 2002
Guide To Better Hearing, A Staab, Wayne J. 1994
Guide to Good Speech McBurney, James H. & Wrage, Ernest J. 1960
Handbook of Canadian Legal Terminology, A Flynn, William J. 1976
Handbook of Speech Pathology and Audiology 1971
Handtalk: an ABC of finger spelling & sign language Charlip, Remy; Beth, Mary; Ancona, George. 1974
Hear! Here! You and Your Hearing Loss. You and Your Hearing Aids. Bauman, Neil G. 1997
Hearing Conservation for Farm Families 1995
Hearing in Aging Hull, Raymond H. 1995
Hearing Loss Help Combs, Alec 1986
Hearing Loss Questions & Answers CHHA 1991
Hearing the Learning; a post-secondary education handbook for students who are hard of hearing Warick, Ruth 1997
Hearing With My Nucleus® Cochlear Implant – coloring book
How Managers Make Things Happen Odiorne, George S. 1982
How the Student with Hearing Loss Can Succeed in College: a handbook for students, families, and professionals Flexer, Carol 1996
How To Be An Effective Coach 1976
How To Conduct Public Meetings In Canada MacGill, Helen Gregory 1939
How to Run a Meeting: a handbook for chairmen and secretaries Bentley, C. F. 1977
I Want To Be A Speaker: a handbook Burns, Ethel Reese
I.T.A Reading Experiment, The Downing, John A. 1964
I’ll Scream Later Matlin, Marlee 2009
Introduction to Language, An Fromkin, Victoria & Rodman, Robert 1983
Introduction to Phonology, An Katamba, Francis 1989
Leading a Face-to-face or Tele-conference Bowles, K. 1982
Learning Parliamentary Procedure Sturgis, Alice F. 1953
Listen With The Heart – relationships and hearing loss Harvey, Michael A. 2001
Live Again With Hearing Loss Toronto Hard of Hearing Club 1982
Living With Hearing Loss: the sourcebook for deafness and hearing disorders. Turkington, Carol & Sussman, Allen E. 2000
Making Sense of it all … Your Guide to Successful Amplification Danavox 1991
Mammoth Book Of Word Games, The Manchester, Richard B. 1976
Managerial Woman, The Hennig, Margaret & Jardim, Anne 1976
Many Ways of Hearing: 94 multitasked lessons in listening Blatchford, Claire 1997
Minute Taker’s Handbook, The Watson, Jane 1992
Missing Words: the family handbook on adult hearing loss Thomsett, Kay; Nickerson, Eve 1993
Mother Tongue. English & How It Got That Way, The Bryson, Bill 1990
My Turn To Learn: a communication guide for parents of deaf or hard of hearing children Lane, Susan, Bell, Lori, and Paron-Tylka, Terry. 1997
New Simplified Spelling: fonetik wurld inglish – employing the present Roman characters Wilkinson, Herbert S. 1972
No Dignity for Joshua Bertling, Tom 1997
Odyssey of Hearing Loss: tales of triumph Harvey, Michael A. 1998
On Becoming a Counselor: a basic cuide for non-professional counselors Kennedy, Eugene 1977
Parent’s Complete Guide to Ear Infections, The Greene, Alan R. 1997
Please Make My World Stop Spinning! The agony of Meniere’s Disease Bauman, Neil G. 1997
Practical Introduction To Phonetics, A Catford, J.C. 1988
Psycholinguistic learning disabilities: diagnosis and remediation Kirk, Samuel A. & Kirk, Winifred D. 1972
Robert’s Rules of Order Robert, Henry M. 1967
Second Treasury of Techniques for Teaching Adults, The 1970
Seeing Voices: a journey into the world of the deaf Sacks, Oliver 1989
Sensation & Perception Coren, Stanley; Ward, Lawrence M. 1989
Sensation & Perception Matlin, Margaret W. 1988
Sensory Experience Christman, R.J. 1971
Signing Exact English: seeing instead of hearing Gustason, Gerille; Pfetzing, Donna; Zawolkow, Esther 1972
Sound and Hearing Stevens, S. S. & Warshofsky, Fred 1965
Speaker’s Handbook, The Sprague, Jo & Stuart, Douglas 1988
Speech Correction: principles and methods Van Riper, Charles 1972
Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure Sturgis, Alice F. 1950
Starting Point: a resource for parents of deaf or hard of hearing children MacKenzie, Kelly 2004
Supersensitive to Sound? You may have hyperacusis. Bauman, Neil G. 1998
Talk to the Deaf Riekehof, Lottie 1963
Talking With Hard of Hearing People Bauman, Neil G. 2000
Teaching Techniques Benson, Clarence H. 1974
The Mueller-Walle Method of Lipreading for the Hard of Hearing Bruhn, Martha E. 1949
Treasury of Baby Names, A Benjamin, Alan 1983
Tyranny of Noise, The Baron, Robert Alex 1970
Voice & Voice Therapy, The Boone, Daniel R. 1983
Voice and Articulation Crannell, Kenneth C. 1987
What You Can Do About Noise In British Columbia Right to Quiet Society 1998
When Hearing Loss Ambushes Your Ears Bauman, Neil G. 1998
When the Hearing Gets Hard Suss, Elaine 1993
Words For A Deaf Daughter West, Paul 1970
You & Me – the skills of communicating and relating to others Egan, Gerard 1977
Your Attitude Is Showing – a primer of human relations Chapman, Elwood N. 1993
Your Hearing Loss and how to cope with it Lysons, Kenneth 1978


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DVD Collection







Back to the Hearing World / Your Life in Stereo (The Bilateral Difference) Cochlear Ltd 2007 DVD
Cecilia’s Story Advanced Bionics Corporation 2002 0:46:00 DVD
Nucleus Cochlear Implant Systems. Getting started – for adults. Cochlear Ltd 2005 DVD
Seeing and Hearing Speech – lessons in lipreading and listening Sensimetrics Sensimetrics Corp. 2001 CD-ROM
Sound Ideas – managing your hearing loss CHHA 1999 DVD

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