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      Misoprostol is an effective cervical ripening agent prior to first-trimester surgical abortion. It is recommended especially for women between 12 and 14 weeks of gestation, adolescents, and for women in whom cervical dilation is expected to be difficult either due to patient factors or provider inexperience.Misoprostol, taken 24-48 hours after mifepristone, works to empty the uterus by causing cramping and bleeding, similar to an early miscarriage.
      Misoprostol timing: 24-48 hours after mifepristone buccally, or 6-72 hours after mifep…
      Misoprostol administration: Taken at home
      Misoprostol dosage: 800µg (4 pills), taken buccally (placed in cheek) or vaginally
      Mifepristone administration: Can be dispensed via mail or by pharmacy; Dispensed in …

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