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Men more likely to have damage to ears than women: study

by Erin Ellis
Vancouver Sun
April 16, 2015

“It’s possible the man in your life is hard of hearing. Men are far more likely to have damage to their ears than women, according to the 2012-13 Canadian Health Measures Survey, released Wednesday by Statistics Canada. Auditory tests revealed 25 per cent of men had hearing loss compared with 14 per cent of women. A significant portion of Canadians live with hearing loss in one or both ears. Why? Men have traditionally had more hearing loss than women because …..” READ MORE ->

Turn That Down ….

you really might be going deaf! Hearing loss in teens has increased significantly, leading researchers to warn teens to turn down their toys. There is an article from Globe and Mail, dated August 17, 2010 that might help shed some light on IPODs, IPHONE’s or other related toys that use standard issued earbuds for headphones.

Turn it down: Teen hearing loss up 30 per cent“.