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Surgery puts an end to silence ….

The Vancouver Sun
September 15, 2012

Laura Mcauley is deaf. Born with a slight auditory defect, her hearing declined significantly at age four, and precipitously at 17. “It was literally an overnight thing,” she says. “I just woke up one morning and my hearing aids didn’t work any more. READ MORE ->

Breaking Out Of A Strange, Silent World

The Province
September 27, 2012

When Christopher Lee suddenly became deaf, his main concern was how he would communicate with his six-year-old son. An anxious Lee had already lost his hearing in both ears when he went to St. Paul’s Hospital’s cochlear implant clinic a year ago for an assessment. Cochlear implants are ideal for patients who were able to hear previously. For someone born deaf, who never developed language, outcomes aren’t as successful. READ MORE ->