Mentor — Lorne


I am a retired medical doctor, with no special training regarding hearing difficulties. I am hoping, with my own hearing experience, that I may be able help someone with hearing loss, as they explore or adapt to various listening devices and situations.
I grew up with a late-deafened father, whose hearing loss was initially suspected to be related to Streptomycin, a drug that can damage our hearing nerves. Since my only sibling, a brother, has normal hearing and one of my four children, my oldest daughter, has moderate to severe hearing loss, our problem is likely familial.
I began to have problems in 1983, using initially bilateral In-the-ear aids, then In-the-canal aids, and subsequently several Behind-the-ear aids, of increasing complexity. My hearing eventually deteriorated to the point where hearing aids were of little benefit. Audiograms showed severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss and I underwent bilateral Cochlear implants, one in February, and one in December 2011. The end result has been very good.
In retirement I enjoy gardening, hiking and photography and together with my wife learning that hearing loss is a couple’s problem. I am looking forward to assisting you as you begin or continue on in your hearing journey.

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