Mentor — Jessica



Hi my name is Jessica and I am very excited to be a mentor for this program as hearing loss has been an inextricable part of my life, since I was four years old. As a young girl, I was diagnosed with moderate-severe hearing loss, and I have sought advice from an audiologist more than any other health professional.

My experiences accepting my own deafness, coping with communication challenges, and ultimately wearing bilateral hearing aids shape a big part of who I am today. I have learned that hearing impairment should not make a person any less capable of interacting with the world. I believe that through this experience I can empathize with others through this uniquely individual journey.

By trade, I am a registered nurse working in a busy emergency department, which I have done for the last seven years. In my personal life I love to play guitar, go climbing, biking, and of course I spend my days watching my 3 month old son grow.

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