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I have lived with hearing loss since birth.What was mild as a child, and moderate as a teenager is now severe to profound as an adult. I have worn hearing aids since age 20, and this year received a cochlear implant on the right side, effectively becoming bimodal.

At the age of 40, expecting a child, I reached out for the first time to other people with hearing loss. I was worried about how hearing loss would impact my baby’s safety and wellbeing. At a hearing loss conference, I met a hard of hearing mom with a six month old baby (her 4th), and she calmed my fears and changed my life.

I became very involved in hearing loss advocacy – it has been my career and my volunteer passion. I served on the Boards of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association at both provincial and national levels and became a certified speechreading instructor. I am a public speaker and writer on hearing loss issues, writing a weekly blog for and published a book The Way I Hear It: A Life with Hearing Loss.

My life with hearing loss and my training has given me a deep understanding of the issues, challenges and frustrations that all people with hearing loss face, as well as the many strategies that can help us regain good communication. Talking with other people who share similar issues is an important step in moving forward.

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