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Recommendations for Hearing Accessibility in BC

On April 26th, CHHA-BC Chapter, in cooperation with CHHA Vancouver and North Shore Branches, hosted an open public forum on Hearing Aid Costs and Concerns:What Consumers Need. It was well attended with good audience participation. It was also video-recorded and when the video has been captioned, we will give you the link to view it online.

Below is the document (both in Word format and PDF format) containing the Resolutions which were formulated following the Forum, and which have been sent to those listed in the covering letter.

To learn more about followup actions to the Resolutions and other matters, do attend the CHHA-BC AGM and World Cafe on Saturday, June 7th. Contact for details.

Marilyn O. Dahl
CHHA-BC President

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High cost of hearing aids to be focus of Vancouver forum

Jericho Knopp
Georgia Straight (
April 22, 201

“A forum at the Vancouver Public Library aims to shed some light on why hearing aids in British Columbia are so expensive.

The forum, entitled Hearing Aid Costs and Services: What Consumers Need, is being organized by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association for Saturday (April 26)….READ MORE ->

Comment: The two most painful words to the hard of hearing

Lauren Sheerwood
Opinions – Times Colonist
April 13, 2014

“I am one of an estimated 3.15 million hard of hearing Canadians. This doesn’t mean I don’t hear people. Every day, I hear conversations and arguments and lectures and cussing all around me. And of all the words that stream past, the most hurtful aren’t swear words. Like almost everyone else, I swear. But the two words that I would never say to someone and can’t stand hearing are: “Never mind.” …” READ MORE ->

See How Well You Hear

Danielle Dube
Global News
April 10, 2014

“The “See How Well You Hear” app hopes to get people — youth, especially — to test their hearing at home using their eyesight. “One thing we noticed was that young people are not hesitant to get their eyes tested, which was so unusual because they’re so hesitant to get their hearing tested,” said Brett Channer, president and CCO of Red Lion Canada, the app’s creator…” READ MORE ->